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Even though most of my patients do not use the Ferber method, it is recognized as one of the most widely recognized models of sleep training, but there have been a few tweaks that parents should be aware of. These tips are written by many experts and they have been proven in practice time and time again.

For parents who are sleep training, here are tips to consider:

Pick a Flexible Method

You can start your training with the baby down awake and drowsy or increase the time between checking on them. If you opt for the latter method, do not constantly rub your child’s back or make eye contact. Make a quick check to see if your baby sees you, then leave the room.

Allow Some Noise to Happen

Do not immediately run into the room the instant your baby cries. Give them a chance to figure things out themselves. Do not worry about any older kids as they will sleep through the noise or fall back asleep.

Reduce Daytime Naps

Lots of sleeping during the day can lead to nights where it will be a struggle to fall asleep. Instead, have your child nap early and not sleep in too late into the afternoon. Try to avoid having naps start later than 2:00PM.

Delay Crib Graduation

Wait until your child reaches the age of three to make the switch from the crib. In addition, before bedtime, substitute noisy, playful activities with more quiet and soothing ones.

Don’t Hesitate to Enforce the Rules

If your child comes to your bedroom, check if they are sick. If not, then walk or carry them back to their room without any delay.

When it comes to sleep training, it is important to stick to your plan and gradually, those sleeping habits will begin to chance. A good, consistent routine can be all that is needed to get a good night’s rest regularly.

But Theres More!

The Ferber Method isn’t the only system that can create a path forward for high-quality sleep training. There is no single universal system that works 100 percent of time with all families, the most important aspect is to develop a healthy bond between parent and child. This is especially true during the breastfeeding years.

Attachment Parenting

Most of my patients do not use the Ferber method, but it is a recognized system of sleep training. In addition, a method that has resonated a lot with my patients is Attachment Parenting.

Read on about attachment parenting tips that can also be applied to your routine:

Attachment Parenting Tips