Vaccines Q & A

Why Are Children Required to Get Vaccines?

Vaccines have become controversial. Some believe every child should have all their shots right on schedule, while others refuse vaccines because they’ve seen the potential harm. Edmond Sarraf, MD, at Southern California Integrative Wellness Center has an open philosophy about vaccines. In the belief that one size does not fit everyone, Dr. Ed provides true informed consent and offers alternative options to parents who prefer not to vaccinate their child. To schedule an appointment, call the office in Los Angeles.

Vaccines protect you, your family, and your community from contagious diseases, such as the measles. Vaccines are required because contagious diseases have not gone away; they’re kept under control with vaccinations.

When 90-95% of everyone in a community are vaccinated, it’s virtually impossible for the targeted diseases to spread. However, most vaccine-preventable diseases can take hold and spread when fewer than 90% of children in the community are vaccinated.

For all their benefits, vaccines do come with risks and side effects. That’s why Dr. Ed always takes a personalized approach.


How Can Vaccines Be Approached from a Personalized Perspective?

Insisting that every child must receive numerous vaccines at one time following the predetermined schedule ignores one major hurdle: each child is different. But these questions can be asked:

  • Do we all have the same family history?
  • Do we all have the same genes?
  • Do we all have the same risk factors?

The answer is clearly, “No, we are not all the same,” which means vaccine decisions aren’t always clear cut, and it’s possible that the one-size-fits-all approach isn’t the best health option for everyone.

Dr. Ed firmly believes in providing true informed consent without bias, which means he talks with parents about the pros and cons. That includes discussing the acknowledged side effects, which are clearly stated on the vaccine brochure, even though they’re seldom explained to parents.

He also discusses adjuvants and preservatives that are added to vaccines and whether they might cause side effects for some children with allergies and sensitivities.

Do Children Have Alternatives to Vaccines?

Dr. Ed has a very open philosophy about vaccines and welcomes parents who want their children to have no vaccines. If you’re anti-vaccine, the doctor will talk with you about your options.

It’s important to know that Dr. Ed will not break the law for anyone by randomly giving exemptions. He only provides an exemption when one is medically justified.

The doctor examines your child, evaluates their unique physical, emotional, and behavioral health concerns, and fully documents their history. Then he talks with parents about the potential impact of vaccines on their child.

If you choose to vaccinate your child, Dr. Ed does it carefully and thoughtfully. He discusses the immune system, how it develops, and how your child might need a different vaccine schedule to protect their immune system. Your child will also follow a detox protocol before and after the vaccine is administered.

If you choose not to vaccinate your child, Dr. Ed can offer alternative vaccines such as homeopathic nosodes.

No matter where you stand on vaccines, Dr. Ed can help. Call Southern California Integrative Wellness Center.