What Is Botanical Medicine?

Botanical Medicine

Botanical medicine, herbal medicine and phytomedicine all refer to the therapeutic use of plant products. Cultures around the globe have relied on herbal medicine for millennia; Ancient China and Egyptian cultures are the most well-known however African, Indian, European, and the old world Americas utilized this form of medicine as well. Leaves, roots, shoots, fruit and bark from various plants are used for a variety of conditions. As many of these uses have been in practice for several hundred, if not several thousand years, the traditional use of botanical products requires the” test of time” in order to establish repeated use over generations: the birth of clinical medicine.

Gemmotherapy is a modern method of draining the organism. It uses plant bud extract and other embryonic plant tissues to open cellular detoxification pathways. It employs buds, inner bark, rootlets, or very young shoots of plants from various woodland trees and shrubs. They are harvested in the spring, throughout the period of cellular division and plant growth. During this stage they contain the highest concentration of active growth factor hormones, auxins, and gibberllins. These hormonal agents contain valuable informative matter required for the drainage of various organs and tissues at the cellular level.