Western Medication

What Is Traditional Medicine?

Traditional Medicine

So….is medicine bad? Should we “poo poo” it? It is true that in Western Medicine many doctors over prescribe and we have this “pill for the ill” mentality! That is terrible!

Yes, we do over-treat ear infections, sinus infections (first sign of green nasal discharge) and bronchitis (the majority of which are viral).
We over-prescribe so much that we have given super-resistant bugs like MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) a key to the office door rather than the uncommon occurrence in the hospital setting a decade ago! The truth is, that we take many things for granted.

If it wasn’t for antibiotics, some of our loved ones and friends would not be here. Sometimes our bodies need medication so we don’t suffer needlessly. Some medication for some people will help them survive so that alternative treatments can help find the proper treatment. So, I do thank god for medicine and its advancements but I certainly don’t take medication for granted.

The GOAL is to use it as little as possible and appreciate its power……the power to help heal (especially in an acute crisis) vs destroy (if used improperly). Together, we must all stop the “pill for the ill” mentality and focus on figuring out the root of a problem if we see reoccurring illness or chronic conditions.