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Concierge Services

Imagine a first time parent who has a newborn who is “breathing funny” and not sure if it is normal or not.
Imagine what you would do when your child gets their first illness. What do you do with the fevers? Treat naturally, watch and wait, or treat with traditional fever reducers?
How would you normally do with your doctor normally as her symptoms continue to change? Do you call the doctor everyday? What happens when that rash appears? Is it measles, meningitis or a simple viral exanthema (rash).
What remedies do you use as your child’s symptoms continue to change?
Now imagine the time it would take you to get to the doctors office, park your car, go into the building, unload your baby and return home in LA’s traffic!
In most traditional practices, that is what you would do…..
Going to the doctor is an all day event….

The concierge plans alleviate many of these problems and much more…..
There are no answering services….your questions go instantaneously to the doctor with almost immediate feedback.
You can send text, pictures & video from anywhere around the world to get your questions answered.
The purpose of this practice is to bring you in less, not more.
The convenience and peace of mind is priceless.

If its on a weekend or after hours, and your child needs to be seen, its no problem….Dr. Ed or Dr. Molly will be available for housecalls.
The access plans are personalized so that every family can find what is important for them and choose their price points and a few are noted below.

  • Cappuccino Plans.
  • Basic Housecall Plans
  • Anti-Paparazzi Plans.
  • CEO Plans.

If you like more information, please schedule an interview so you can learn the details.