Southern California Integrative Wellness Center

About Edmond Sarraf, MD

Dr. Sarraf

Edmond Sarraf, MD, better known as “Dr. Ed,” established the Southern California Integrative Wellness Center, which is one of the premier integrative health centers in Los Angeles. Dr. Ed is proud of his role in creating a grassroots change in health care, as he teaches his patients to increasingly depend on food, herbs, homeopathy, and mindfulness for their primary medicine.

After completing his residency at Akron Children’s Hospital, Dr. Ed started his career as a traditional doctor. He worked in busy practices, seeing 40 or more patients daily, while moonlighting in Urgent Care facilities and working in several hospitals.

Although he gained extensive experience in the full range of pediatrics, from seeing newborns to treating hospitalized patients with serious infections and disorders, Dr. Ed knew that simply prescribing medicine was not his only calling as a doctor. He completed additional training to become certified as a homeopath, finishing his courses at the Institute of Functional Medicine, and then he created the Southern California Integrative Wellness Center.

Since 2008, he has thrived by following his true calling: combining naturopathic and western medicine. His desire and passion are to see families use food as medicine and turn to natural treatments. He teaches patients about the mind-body-spirit connection and balance. In the process, he has been able to cut down on prescribing medications by 85%.