Unfortunately, the state of the vaccine debate is black and white in many peoples eyes…..
And the passionate pro-con nature of it mirrors the hottest debates of our times and brings out the fiercest responses from both sides….
Are all vaccines good? Should everyone have all the shots in an “one-size-fits-all” schedule?
Are all vaccines bad? Can they play a roll in helping prevent disease? Have they not saved lives throughout the world?

One of the first questions we need to ask is if we are all the same?
Do we all have the same family history?
Do we all have the same genes?
Do we all have the same risk factors?
The obvious answer is “NO”….we are not all the same.
So certainly the possibility exists that we may not all respond to vaccines in the same manner!

Then the question arises: should everyone be on the same schedule?
Should we not consider and analyze this questions for each individual?

Do we discuss potential side effects with their patients without bias? Side effects that are written right on the vaccine brochure or reported to VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System)?
Do we talk about the adjuvents and preservatives in vaccines?

Parents have the right to know the pro’s and con’s….and that is what we call INFORMED CONSENT.

What we need to do is to be truthful with all aspects of the vaccine debate.
Look at the prevalence of the disease.
We need to discuss the immune system and how it develops and what that does to different vaccine schedules if that is what parents choose to do.

In this practice, these are the discussions we have.
We want you to be informed.
We want you to have a voice in your child’s upbringing.

As you know there is a California Law – SB277 that effects your ability to choose if you want your child to go to private or public school.
We promise we will discuss and listen and document to your individual histories.
We understand and have seen throughout the years, many doctors will turn a deaf ear to parents concerns.
We will will NOT break the law for anyone, we will guide and be your advocate,
In this practice, we will not “sell” any exemptions, but please understand that we will not take any patients solely on the basis of getting exemptions.

If you choose to vaccinate, we will do it carefully and thoughtfully.
We have our “detox” protocol that is started before and after vaccines.
Ultimately, the choice will be yours with plenty of guidance and all your options will be given to you.

Only through true informed consent and a close partnership can we build a close doctor-family relationship, not based on fear, but through love and understanding.
So lets drop the labels, educated ourselves to the best of our abilities, and do our best to keep the next generation healthy (mind-body-soul)!