Southern California Integrative Wellness Center

It’s easy to switch up your morning routine and enjoy a variety of healthy keto breakfasts. Whether you like to do meal prep the night before or just whip up something quick after rolling out of bed, we have tasty and health-boosting recipe ideas that will fill you up and start your day off right. 

Nut and fruit yogurt parfait

Break out your prettiest mason jars and fill them with this versatile and visually stunning breakfast dish. The recipe couldn’t be simpler—simply alternate between layers of creamy yogurt, sweet fruit, and crunchy nuts. As recommended by a holistic and homeopathic pediatrician, you can also change up the recipe to suit your taste, subbing in berries, chia seeds, or your other favorite keto-friendly ingredients. 

Seedy Sweet Potato Bowl

Simple, hearty, and nourishing is how we’d describe this sweet potato-based breakfast bowl. It comes together in a snap, with the sweet potato softening up in the microwave while you saute the garlic and wilt the spinach in a little olive oil. Top it off with a sprinkling of seeds and you’re ready to hit the ground running. 

Pumpkin Maple Muffins with Flaxseed 

This recipe for pumpkin muffins is a great one to make ahead for a quick morning bite. They’re also perfect for a breakfast, food as medicine on the go or a midday snack, since you can easily wrap them up to pop in a backpack, lunchbox, or purse. Pumpkin puree and coconut oil ensure that these keto beauties are as moist and tasty as any “traditional” muffin. 

Protein Pancakes

These pancakes are something of a dream come true for those on a keto diet. They manage to be fluffy and satisfying without the use of grains, sugar, or eggs. We love mixing up a big bowl of batter on Saturday mornings, and having a leisurely family breakfast, complete with our favorite toppings, such as chopped apple, berries, and vegan chocolate chips for a special treat. 

Strawberry Breakfast Bars

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, you’ve got to try out this recipe for strawberry breakfast bars. They contain the protein, fiber, and fat you need to fuel up for the day, and deliver a hit of sweetness with strawberry, vanilla, coconut, and banana. We recommend making a big batch and storing in the fridge so you can eat them all week.