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Mom & me yoga is a great way to ease back into exercise while connecting emotionally and physically with your baby. It is recommended to wait until the baby can keep his or her head up on their own, (about 3 months).

Benefits for Moms:

  • Increase overall strength and flexibility.
  • Reduce low back pain and sciatica pain.
  • Reduce aches and fatigue in thoracic and cervical regions.
  • Reduce swelling and inflammation of joints
  • Improves emotional well being.
  • Meet other new moms and dads.

Benefits for Babies:

  • It’s a great bonding experience for both parent and baby.
  • Can help aid in digestion for baby.
  • Can help baby sleep better.
  • Can keep baby happy through repetitive soothing motions.
  • Establishes long-term exercise habits for baby.
  • Safe and welcoming environment.

Benefits for Kids:

  • Helps kids manage anxiety.
  • Improves emotional regulation.
  • Improves self-esteem.
  • Increases body awareness and mindfulness.
  • Enhances concentration and memory.
  • Helps kids develop strength and flexibility.

There are yoga classes for every stage of your pregnancy and for new families in many cities. Take a look online to see what is a good fit for your family.

  • Prenatal
  • Postnatal
  • Baby & Me
  • Toddler & Me
  • Family Yoga
  • Online classes or on Eventbrite

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