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The So. Cal. Integrative Wellness Center consists of a strong team of progressive Medical Doctors and holistic Practitioners.



Leona West Fox is an Integrative Functional Nutritionist passionate about whole family health. After completing a three year training and certification in 2006 in Nutritional Medicine and Herbal Medicine through AUCM, (The American University of Complementary Medicine) and an additional one year internship in clinical nutrition and naturopathy, she started her practice at an integrative physical medicine and wellness clinic, as part of a multidisciplinary team providing team care for patients.

This setting inspired her to dive into continuing education in the area of Functional Medicine, taking courses and training through IFM (Institute of Functional Medicine) and A4M(American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine), she went on to get certification in functional endocrinology and functional lab analysis. Leona is also trained in culinary nutrition, childbirth education and is also a DONA certified Birth Doula. She believes that “no concern or condition that can be treated with diet should be treated any other way” and that food as medicine is not a one size fits all but very individual. She often utilizes functional lab testing and nutrigenomic testing.

Leona has been practicing in Santa Monica since 2007 and has also been part of Dr. Ed’s team since 2015 and considers it an honor serving his community of families.


Ghada is a Reiki Master has been teaching Reiki for ten years , and a reiki practitioner for over 16 years. She has published 4 books in positive thinking and self – improvement.

Helped new mothers to adapt to their new style of living at many levels :

  • Relationship with partner
  • Show the way to a better sleep
  • Self love
  • Anxiety and fear of failing in taking care of her first baby who depend on her completely
  • Changes in the body , career and social life



Loa Arnoth’s intuitive understanding of healing emotional wounds and family dynamics came from her own life’s healing journey. A survivor of domestic violence and unhealthy family patterns, she brings the wisdom and courage of her own life’s experience to fuel her passion to free people from their own painful patterns. In her business, Transformational-You, Loa helps liberate people from their unconscious patterns which keep them stuck and helps guide them back into the love and light of their true natures. Her ability to hold people with immense depth and mercy allows people to feel safe in facing even their most painful and hidden wounds so that they can transform whatever challenges that lie within. The result is that they emerge with a renewed experience of love, wisdom, and health in their lives and a deeper alignment with their true self.

In each persons being there is a wellspring of everything they are seeking. Doing this work helps them heal what is blocking them and guides them to drink directly from the Source of nourishment within. When you transform your inner reality, your outer reality shifts around you.

Loa Arnoth achieved her Masters in Divinity at the University of Spiritual Healing and Sufism, a comprehensive four-year program which focused on Spiritual healing and Transformational Mediation.



  • Craniosacral and Chiropractic Care Therapist
  • Acupuncture/Chinese Medicine Therapy
  • Essential Oil Therapy
  • Yoga & Mindful Meditation Therapy
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